Sparkle Script
Sparkle Script
Sparkle Script
Sparkle Script
Sparkle Script
Sparkle Script

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Sparkle Script

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*******What you are getting*******
Quantity of 1 metal "Sparkle" sign.

16.5" Length x 10" Height



• If you chose the "Raw Steel" variation, you will get the item as it comes off the machine (for an industrial look). Irregular scratches and inconsistencies in the metal may occur. Rust will likely occur on it's own.

• If you choose "Rusted Steel" variation, you will get the same great sign but rusted! This process takes a little bit of time but we have a solution to speed the process up a bit. The rust is real rust and will continue to change patterns over time.

• If you choose the "painted" variation, you will be getting your choice of the following colors:

- Hammered Black
- Hammered Silver
- Hammered Copper
- Hammered Brown
- Hammered Red

Painting helps to prevent rust.


• Please choose the desired Finish from the drop down box (descriptions listed above)

• Please note that our typical lead time is 2 weeks, unless we have come to a previous agreement. Shipping generally takes up to 1 week after that. 


Materials: Steel, Paint, Rust, Metal

Made to order