Garden and Yard

Metal yard art instantly adds stunning elements of texture, color and design to outdoor spaces. Whether you're looking to modernize your garden with glass art, brighten up your back patio with DIY decorations, or add some colorful character to a sterile side yard, metal yard art and signs can help your home in the Salem area or any space across the US stand out.

Add an elegant custom garden sign to your yard or garden! We can customize the decorative metal signs with your family name. Just let us know what you would like it to say and what finish you would like. Created at our shop in the Salem area, our metal yard and garden art and signs make an elegant gift for mom.

Spring has finally sprung, and you can't wait to get outside and grow things! Once you start growing more than one vegetable or herb you should think about ordering out garden markers. Whether you need herb garden markers or vegetable garden markers our shop in the Salem area can help you with metal yard or garden signs to mark your important things.

Mark your yard with surprise & delight when you install a family of Sasquatch stealthily running through a side yard. Bigfoot is an Oregon customer favorite! Or you might enjoy others from our shop in Salem, like our custom outdoor lawn art pieces which includes our adorable metal ducklings.

Once ready to install, stake our decorative metal bunnies and chickens in “families” wherever you so choose. We love them clustered in a walkway or staked into potted plants or window boxes.

You can peruse our collection of metal yard and garden art from our shop in the Salem area here on our website. Or if you have an idea, tell us what you have in mind, and we'll make a custom design. These decorative metal signs look good everywhere, especially when fastened to a tree or staked into a walkway near some lush plants.