What the Fork is for Dinner
What the Fork is for Dinner
What the Fork is for Dinner
What the Fork is for Dinner
What the Fork is for Dinner
What the Fork is for Dinner

CCR Custom Metals, LLC

What the Fork is for Dinner

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What the fork is for dinner?!  When life is busy and you are just winging it...this sign helps remind you to just smile.  IT's a great addition to your kitchen!


• All of our metal signs are cut by our CNC plasma machine.

• They are made of 16 ga (1/16") steel.

• This product will make a great addition to any dining room, winery, bar, or kitchen.

• Hanging: The signs do not have hooks on them. They are a completely flat piece of metal. We recommend using small finishing nails. (ie. The classic white/silver nails that come in a small pack) Take two nails...one on each end to make it level. This piece is not heavy so you can just hammer straight into the drywall or other wall surfaces.



• If you chose the "Raw Steel" variation, you will get the item as it comes off the machine (for an industrial look). Irregular scratches and inconsistencies in the metal may occur. Rust will likely occur on its own.

• If you choose the "Rusted Steel" variation, you will get the same great sign but rusted! This process takes a little bit of time but we have a solution to speed the process up a bit. The rust is real rust and will continue to change patterns over time.

• If you would like this sign painted, see the below paint colors. If you do not see a picture of this sign with the paint color you would like, please browse our other products to see their pictures of that particular color you are looking for.

Hammered Black
Hammered Silver
Hammered Copper
Hammered Brown
Hammered Red

(Painting helps to prevent rust)



• Select Desired Finish

• Please note that our typical lead time is 2 weeks unless we have come to a previous agreement. Shipping generally takes up to 1 week after that. 


Materials: Metal, Steel, Paint

Made to order