4.5" Sasquatch Vertical Metal Address Sign
4.5" Sasquatch Vertical Metal Address Sign
4.5" Sasquatch Vertical Metal Address Sign
4.5" Sasquatch Vertical Metal Address Sign

CCR Custom Metals, LLC

4.5" Sasquatch Vertical Metal Address Sign

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Add this unique 4.5" wide Sasquatch Yeti Bigfoot address sign to your home for a fresh new look!🏡  This address sign will definitely catch the attention of your neighbors!

We cut your sign using plasma technology to provide quality cuts and design!

• Size Approximations:

• 9.75" H x 4.5" W - 1 Number

• 14.5" H x 4.5" W - 2 Numbers

• 19.75" H x 4.5" W - 3 Numbers

• 23.5" H x 4.5" W - 4+ Numbers

**(Please note that address numbers beyond 5 will continue to get smaller and smaller due to the size of the sign - ask us for a proof if you would like to see it before you purchase)**


• Mounting your sign:

• This is a custom metal address sign. It has pre-cut holes for easy installation and made from steel. This product is personalized with your own house number and will make a great addition to any front porch or mailbox.

• Hanging: We will cut 2 holes in the top and bottom of the sign for hanging with your own nails or screws. If for some reason you do not want holes please indicate this in the "notes" section at checkout.



Your address sign can be left uncoated for you to apply your own finish or we can paint or rust it for an additional fee.

• If you chose the "Raw Steel" variation, you will get the item as it comes off the machine (for an industrial look). The oils from your hands will cause rust and blemishes to form over time. Although, some customers like a more “raw/weathered/industrial” look. (this option WILL rust if not coated)

• If you choose "Rusted Steel" variation, you will get the same great sign but rusted! This process takes a little bit of time but we have a solution to speed the process up a bit. The rust is real rust and will continue to change patterns over time.

• If you choose the "painted" variation, you will be getting polished as well as your choice of the following colors:

Hammered Black
Hammered Copper
Hammered Silver
Hammered Red
Hammered Brown



• Please choose the Amount of Numbers and Finish

• Please include your house numbers in the 'Personalization Box' section at checkout


• Please note that our typical lead time is 2 weeks unless we have come to a previous agreement. Shipping generally takes up to 1 week after that. If you need your order sooner feel free to order the "Rush My Order" listing and we will move your order to the top of our priority list. (Link below)