From military to metal; We have finally created a business that will not only reflect our creative abilities but also to enable yours.

Hello and welcome to CCR Custom Metals, LLC; A family owned business!

CCR Custom Metals was created with help from friends and family that encouraged us to take a leap of faith...So here we are!

Chase's father has had a passion with metal for many years. A lot of his art was even in galleries across the Northwest! Now, he did "free-hand" plasma cutting which is pretty amazing! To a surprise, Chase found a desire to work with metal as well but with a CNC Plasma Machine instead.

Chandra had no idea that she would be getting into the metal industry. She has always been VERY creative in ways to decorate our home and let me tell you, it looks amazing!

We are so excited to have this business and welcome each and every one of you to visit us often because with her ideas and my ability to create them, we promise to give you a well crafted piece sent with love from our family to yours!

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